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The Cheeky Knot Lady strives to give normal people inspiration to enjoy life as much as they can, and travel as much as they like! No need to be a millionaire to have a life that we love!

It’s not about budget nor luxury, it’s about making the most of what we have and making our choices based on our life priorities.

You are a company who offers products and services for women between 20 and 45 years old? Looking for a brutally honest person to work with? You want someone who will work tirelessly to “make it work” look no further, this lady is your man.

Credibility factors

Get things done

I have a corporate job. It’s not all pictures and blog posts, and a corporate job, no offence, comes with more responsibilities. I have the reputation to get things done, I am very organized and I make things happen. As a result, I am a very reliable person to work with. As a matter of fact, at my workplace, if there is something to be executed efficiently, I inherit the task.

Honest and trustworthy

I am a very transparent person. Sometimes too much for my own good. Loyalty is crucial for me, making me a strong collaborator for any brand or employer. I won’t post a review on a product or service I am not 100% satisfied with, however, I will gladly provide constructive criticisms to make sure we can arrive at a point where the end product is perfect. On the other hand, honesty and trust need to work on both sides, if you are a shady company, please refrain from contacting me.

Sense of humour

Although I am a down to business, I have a special sense of humour, making someone every colleague look forward to working with, I am simple and approachable, every working session is fun, as long as we get things done!

What can we do?

Now that you have realised I am the missing piece in your freelance team, how can work together?

Press and social media trips
Hotel reviews
Product reviews
Brand Ambassadorship
Contests and Giveaways
Content Creation
Product Co-development

For reach purposes, all content is written in English, but if needed, for your market of interest, posts can be bilingual or French only if required.

Ready to start the adventure with me?

Whether you still have any questions or you already have a project in mind, drop a line here and we’ll get things done!

Please take note that I can’t, unfortunately, work for free in exchange for products or exposure. I asked my bank if I could pay a year of mortgage in exchange for a post praising their great customer service, and it turns out it couldn’t work. So, if you can make it work with my bank, I will be more than happy to work for free with you!

My Favorites

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