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Best couple’s staycation ideas

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Hello Sunshine! Getting crazy stuck in your house? You are not sure if you want to kiss your husband or strangle him? These stressful situations can bring their package of challenges. What about you plan a staycation for your couple? As a matter of fact, you will find here the best couple’s staycation ideas to give your relationship a break.

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What is a couple’s staycation anyway?

First and foremost, let’s define together what is a couple’s staycation, and we’ll take it from there. In order to get the most of your upcoming staycation, you absolutely need to do just as if you were on vacation.

To be clear, it means no laundry, no sweeping, no running errands (like it was possible). We need to plan a full day of activities, just like you would do on vacation. Even though it’s easier said than done, we need to find activities that will make you bond to your partner. You might find additional inspiration in my recent post on how to keep busy during self-isolation.

Preparation for your couple’s staycation

Firstly, just like any vacation, you need to prepare your staycation. It will help you to respect the first commandment, which is ACT LIKE IT IS A REAL VACAY.

As a result, I want to prepare your house for your staycation. I don’t know for you, but whenever I am leaving on vacation I always do the following:

  • Change sheets
  • Do the laundry
  • Wash all dishes or start and empty the dishwasher
  • Dust and sweep, vaccuum cleaner and wash the floor
  • Take out the trash
  • Water the plant

Now, this last point is not on my typical vacation preparation list, however, in this specific case, you will want to have every grocery item you might need, so don’t hesitate to do the grocery shopping. Take this opportunity to treat both of you in the meantime. Croissants, filet mignon, salmon… whatever suits your fancy.

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Even so, it seems to be a lot of work, you’ll thank me later. So, the night before, I want you to beautify your home so you can really enjoy the schedule I prepared for you. If you want inspiration to clean, I really like the clean mama blog.

Couple’s staycation schedule



Ah… the peaceful morning bliss after a good night sleep! But wait! You are on vacation today! No need to rush! As a matter of fact, you have all day! It’s the perfect timing to spend more time in bed, take your time. If you really want to start this vacation on the right foot, take the opportunity to do some horizontal sport (wink wink)

Man and woman holding each other in bed
Spend more time in bed!


Now, here comes the grocery shopping I had you do yesterday. This is a vacation girl! We don’t eat the same shitty cereals we eat during the week, no! Give me some benedictin eggs, crepes, croissants or French toast! I want fresh fruits and freshly brewed coffee! If you are not that much into cooking, you can purchase commercial pancake mix, along with fresh fruits, orange juice, you brew coffee in the morning, and voilà! cute romantic breakfast.

Freshly baked croissant on a white plate sitting on a wooden table
Calories don’t count on vacation


Subsequently, what do we typically do after breakfast when we are on vacation? If you are on a cultural trip in Europe or else, you are like to go out of your hotel, venture in the streets, explore the city. On the other hand, If you are more the all-inclusive beach resort-type, it’s likely the time you get down to walk on the beach.

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As such, if the climate in which you have your couple’s staycation permits, going for a romantic walk is a great opportunity to work on your fitness level, and if you have a furry love, take him with you too, a nice time to spend family time!



Typically on vacation, I will prefer to have a light lunch such as a sandwich or a salad, so we can indulge in a more complex dinner with multiple courses, wine and so on. Therefore, it’s time to prepare a quick salad, nothing fancy, throw in spinach, dried cranberries, feta, cut a green apple and drizzle a sweet dressing, that’s it! If you want to add a bit more VACAY to this lunch, pour two glasses of white wine, because, after all, we are on vacation, who’s counting?

After lunch

Power-nap someone? I know when we are at the beach I love to close my eyes under the sun after lunch. As a matter of fact, if your climate permits, why not spend an hour outside working on your tan?

Woman and man feet on a white sand beach
Soak up the sun!


I don’t know for you, but I love going to the spa when I am on vacation. Now, spas being closed it can get hard to get a good massage. Why not exchanging massage with your partner? A massage is so relaxing, a perfect activity for a couple’s staycation. Get in the bedroom and throw an old blanket or sheet on the comforter, melt a small amount of coconut oil and begin your massage. We all know we are not professionals, but it’s a good opportunity to work on your sexy massage skills (wink wink).

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Man and woman holding each other, woman showing her engagement ring
A sexy massage is probably the most romantic activity one can do!

After spending time on the beach/under the sun and getting a massage, it’s always nice to wash out the sand/salt/transpiration/oil. At this time, it could be a cute romantic activity to share a bath with your partner, moreover if the massage led to… something else. You want to look polish for dinner after all!

bathub next to a window in a marble bathroom
Share a bath together



Now, let’s be honest, you can’t go out for dinner, you guys will have to cook. Again, there is the opportunity to make this situation fun and romantic. Put on some music you both love, open the wine and pour yourselves a drink while you begin this meal. You can either cook a full meal from scratch or if you are not Gordon Ramsay and would rather go for something easier, you can always go for ready-to-cook meals, such as Marché Goodfood or the Blue Apron.

man and woman cooking together in a kitchen
I love to cook with my husband

While dinner is cooking, sit and relax with a cocktail or a glass of wine in front of a movie/serie. depending on how long is the cooking time.

two martini glasses filled with red cocktail
pour yourselves a drink!

Late night

Finally, you can either finish the night on a movie or with a board game, which ever seems more fun for you. Maybe son strip poker can be involved?

You can also spend the night sharing clips from your teenage years. Spice girls and Backstreet boys someone?

This should nicely conclude a couple’s staycation full day, want to do it over tomorrow?

Take home message

It’s not because we are grounded for now, that we can’t spend quality time with our partner. Sure, we might need to get a little more creative, but still very manageable. With the best couple’s staycation ideas on hand, you will definitely have a good time.

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