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13 of the best cameras for exceptional travel blogging

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Hello Sunshine! So you have read my latest post about how to choose the perfect travel camera, now you want to actually know Which travel camera is best suited for travel blogging? Although I made it clear in my last post, that no camera will actually be « perfect, » there are some entry-level camera that will really help you step-up your travel photography game.  Before jumping in the real thing, remember that it’s the photographer the real game-changer, not the camera.  I might have a more or less fancy camera; there are a ton of bloggers who take better pictures than me with an iPhone, for instance.

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Best camera for travel blogging– non-interchangeable lenses


Even though, whenever we think fancy cameras and travel photography, we all picture the bulky DSLR with multiple lenses and a bag full of delicate and fragile stuff.  However, did you know that many companies offer point-and-shoot cameras that have similar features to a DSLR, but can fit in your pocket? Unless you wear skin-tight jeans than it won’t fit.

There are quite a few good choices here, and I round them up for you. When prices are indicated, these are Canadian dollars.

Canon powershot SX740 450$

Among the most interesting features we find:
40x zoom
20.3 MP
265 photos / charge
100 à 800 ISO, ok for low light photography
Flip Screen, perfect for selfie and vlogging!

This little workhorse will be perfect to step-up your photography game!

Travel Camera
Canon Powershot SX740 a great travel camera that fits into your pocket!

Sony cybershot DSC WX350 350$

Sony is a real player in the photography, and its cybershot is well-known to be a good choice for one who doesn’t want to carry a large device.
20x zoom
18.2 MP
Video full HD
ISO 80 à 12 800

Cute device to step-up your photography game
Cute device to step-up your photography game!

Nikon cool pix A1000 450$

Very good choice for a very reasonable price if you are interested in learning manual and photo editing!
35x zoom
Video 4K
Manual settings available * this is a good starting point if you want to learn, but are not ready to commit to a big camera *
Raw Image + JPEG
16 MP

CoolPix to step-up your photohraphy game
CoolPix to step-up your photohraphy game

Best overall point-and-shoot for travel blogging

Canon powershot G7x Mark II 600$

A great compromise between the interchangeable lens and the point-and-shoot this one combines the best of both worlds in a small case that you can easily carry around!
Sensor 1po
20.1 MP
Lens 24-100 mm
F 1.8/2.8
Manual settings

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Best beginner camera point-and-shoot for travel
Best beginner camera point-and-shoot for travel


Additionally, to the point-and-shoot, there is another type of camera that packs a lot with a non-interchangeable lens.  Furthermore, I must disclaim right now, that it was my pick when I first enter the photography store to purchase my first real camera. However, since these pack so much under one body/one lens, it comes with a huge drawback, namely the weight.  You cannot believe how heavy and bulky it is.  For someone who wants to do portrait photography on the weekend or macro photography from time to time, I would say it might be a good choice.  On the other hand, I wouldn’t recommend this type of camera for travel photography. Therefore, I haven’t sorted any example for this post.

Best camera for travel blogging – interchangeable lenses

When speaking about professional cameras, we always think of interchangeable lens cameras.  Nonetheless, there are more than meets the eye, and you can find three main types of devices that are all very suitable for a beginner travel camera. Don’t worry about being compelled to purchasing multiple lenses, most of the entry-level interchangeable lens cameras come with a lens kit, which is perfect to begin with.


First things first, let’s start with the oldest type of camera, the DSLR.  DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex.  It uses the same old physics principle photography used to uses; only there is a digital sensor to collect the image instead of a film.  Slightly heavier and bulkier than their mirrorless counterparts listed below, the main brands offering DSLR are the well-known Canon and Nikon. 

You might have heard photographers messing around with each other, making comments about one or the other brand; to be honest, there are some discrepancies between the two, but both are just as good.  Along with it, you might want to keep in mind that once you have started to purchase a few lenses, it might be hard to switch from a brand to another, without losing your initial investment, therefore, make sure you can grow with whichever type or brand you go with in the first place.

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You can find here entry-level DSLR cameras that will be perfect for travel blogging.

Canon Rebel

One of the most emblematic flagship of Canon is its rebel collection. The rebel is the entry-level for Canon, I show here three models that are all perfect for beginners.

Famous blogger using Canon: My Wandering Voyage

Canon Rebel SL3 800$

weight : 449g
Can take up to 1070 photos / charge
45 focus points
flip screen

Rebel Ti7 800$

24 MP
Weight 532g
Can take up to 600 photos/charge
9 focus points

The more recent Rebel T8i 1200$

24 MP
weight 515g
Can take up to 800 photos / charge
45 focus points


Following the DSLR, we have mirrorless devices.  As stated in my previous post, the main benefit of a mirrorless over a regular DSLR is definitely the size and weight.  In fact, in my opinion, the smaller size and the lightweight devices are what make a mirrorless camera the best choice ever for a travel blogger.

Most of the main camera brands have taken the mirrorless path, but the most well-known devices are likely Sony and Fujifilm.  Find here some impressive entry-level mirrorless cameras for beginners seeking to step-up their travel photography game. Check out though before your purchase the lens availability, just to be sure you can grow with the brand.


Likely one of the most appreciated players in the mirrorless type, Sony is a really good choice to step-up your photography game, not the most affordable choice though. Plenty of bloggers use Sony cameras to take their stunning photos, one of those would be Anne-Sophie Nadeau from Solo Sophie.

Sony A6000 800$

24 MP
Weight 344 g
Tilt Screen
can take up to 360 photos / charge

Sony A6100 1100$

24 MP
Weight 396 g
Tilt Screen
Can take up to 420 photos/charge


Fujifilm used to be known for its films, before digital photography. They now offer a great line-up for digital photography.

Famous blogger working with Fujifilm devices : The Blonde Abroad

Fujifilm X-A7 900$

24 MP
Crop sensor
Weight: 320 g
Articulated screen
440 photos / charge
Sensor size: 15.37 um2 pixel vs 14,21 um2 (m3/4)
Max iso 25600
Small range of lenses

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Fujifilm X-A7
Fujifilm X-A7

Micro four-third

As a matter of fact, the micro four-thirds appellation is, in fact, a mirrorless device with a smaller sensor.  The main benefit of this specific type of equipment, which is exclusively found at Olympus and Panasonic, is the size and weight. Because of the crop factor of 2, the lenses are generally half the size of the DSLR counterparts, and the body itself is quite small.  This technology had been my choice 2 years ago.  Beware, though, as mentioned in my previous post, it’s not really well suited for night or low light photography. Finally, you will find here, my best picks for your perfect micro four-third travel camera.


Olympus is well known in the imagery domain, they work in photography, but in aerospace and defense as well, their technologies are always top of the line and it’s a great choice!

A famous blogger using olympus devices : Josie Ldn

OM-D-E M10 800$

16 MP
Weight: 390 g
Tilt screen
Iso 200-25600
can take up to 320 photo/charge

OlympusOM-D EM-10
OlympusOM-D EM-10
PEN-EPL-9 900$

Killer looks!
16 MP
380 g
Tilt screen
Iso 200-6400
can take up to 350 photos/charge

Olympus Pen
Olympus PEN EPL-9

Panasonic / Lumix

My final recommandation is the one I finally chose myself, the Lumix line. The great thing about micro 4/3 line up is that Olympus and Lumix lenses are interchangeable, they use the same mount so you can choose one or the other lens to add to your collection

Famous blogger using Panasonic : Journal of Nomads

Lumix G7 800$

410 g
350 photo
The kit comes with 2 lenses, giving you a 24mm-300mm equivalent. Ideal to step-up your photography game!

Lumix G7
Lumix G85 900$

505 g
Weather seal
333 photo

Best travel camera for a beginner : take-home message

Although there is no such thing as the best travel camera for a beginner, if you have correctly done your homework based on my previous blog post, you can definitely find the perfect camera for you.  Which will help you take killer photos during your next trip!

Let me know what was the deal breaker for you; as you might have noticed, for me, it was the weight; it’s why I went with a micro 4/3 in the end.

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  1. Grace says

    With so many options out there it’s hard to choose. Including the different options for different price points, is very helpful.

  2. Margie says

    I’ve been thinking about upgrading my camera for a while now and maybe mirrorless is the best camera for travel blogging after all. Thanks for the comparisons.

  3. Tiana Bantis says

    Great guide for all budgets! I have a sony a6000 and love it so much and was really easy to learn!

    • Audrey says

      After reading so much on the sony, I almost regret not getting a sony myself, but on the other hand, I am flexible with Panasonic and Olympus…

  4. Jiayi Wang says

    These are all great recommendations! My partner uses the Sony A6000 and I agree, it’s awesome 🙂

  5. Farrah says

    I love my DLSR but will admit–I’m still learning to use it and am also terrified of losing it or having it stolen when I travel, so I haven’t brought it with me as much! These are great picks!

  6. Lorraine says

    Great list of options, I’ve been shooting with a mirrorless fuji, the fujixpro2 for the last several years and love it. Mirrorless is such a great choice for travel!

  7. Mayi says

    I got myself a Sony A6000 and love it. I am still getting to know how to use it since I’m not used to mirrorless but have no complaint.

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