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11 activities to do in isolation

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Hello Sunshine! Have you heard the news lately? There is apparently a pandemic evolving worldwide.  From this date, more than half of the planet is more or less strictly confined home.  It was kinda welcome for the first week, a staycation per se; the mood is slightly changing from Nice to:  What activities to do when you are in isolation! During this confinement, once you have gone through every single series on Netflix, what should you do? Check the following activities to keep you busy when stuck at home.

First thing first, you need to change your attitude, you are not « stuck at home » let see this situation as an opportunity to focus on your personal growth!

Things to do when you are stuck at home
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Activities to do when you are stuck at home

Listen to a book

You can almost perform this activity while doing any other task listed here (except for the second one).  If you want to improve your general culture, you want to get access to motivation material or personal growth, but you are not that much into reading? Audible got you covered. In fact, Audible is likely the most popular application for books listening. While decluttering, another great activity to do in confinement as described below, it’s a good noise to keep your brain busy.

Read a book

To be honest, I am not that much into book listening.  As a matter of fact, I can’t understand how one can focus on a story or whatever content while straightening their hair or decluttering their wardrobe.  I have always been more into reading an actual book.  On the other hand, I hear you: Audrey, what should I read? I can’t go out of my place, the only books I have handy are my college books and some old editions of filles d’aujourd’hui (wink wink Québec’s girls)

I know, it’s not easy, but fear not, you are not compelled to stick with Albert Camus and Jane Austen.  Multiple books are now available through electronic versions.  Above all, you don’t even need an eReader to enjoy most of them! I must say that an eReader is really appreciated when you can have it, but not mandatory at all! You can download the Kindle application on your phone and/or iPad and get instant access to your library.  Additionally, the electronic versions are often cheaper than the paper books. A great activity to escape the reality and develop general culture.

Read while in self-isolation
Photography skills reading


« I would love to train every just like you do, but I don’t have time! » First of all, this is bullshit.  That’s it, I said it.   Admittedly, there is no way you cannot find a 20-40 min each day to move.  Be honest; it’s because you don’t want to make time.

That being said, now is the time of your life! Time is what you have the most, and you need to fill every minute of your day, why not spend half an hour a day on your fitness level? Again, I hear you pal: « Audrey, I don’t have any equipment, I am not used to train, I don’t know what to do! »

I know it can be intimidating at first, but Youtube is full of dedicated trainers with free videos, using minimal to no equipment.  Without a doubt, my favourite Youtube trainer is Sydney Cummings. Not only she always has low impact modifications for you guys living in apartments, but she has a lot of bodyweight exercises; you will surely find something for you. It’s a great way to take care of your health while you are in isolation.

Pamper yourself

Following an intense workout and an in-depth stretch session, what is better than a few hours at the spa? Too lousy health centers are closed, right…? WRONG! Put on some smooth music, like Celtic harp or waves sound and immerse yourself in a hot water bath, with bubbles and candles (maybe an Audible or a book too) and just relax.  If you want to take this next level, apply a purifying mask, exfoliate your skin and finish it off with a hydrating mask.  While you are at it, why not add a mani-pedi? Admittedly, this situation might be stressful, a pampering activity might be the only thing you need to decrease this anxiety.

Pamper yourself while in confinement
Pamper yourself while in confinement

Useful activities to perform while you are in isolation


Along with the fun you had training and pampering yourself, decluttering is actually an important task to complete, and your home will thank you.  Whether it’s a wardrobe, your beauty corner, or the cupboard under the sink, a good, deep decluttering is always welcome. It might not be the most entertaining activity, but still worth it.


Although stores are mostly closed, you can still shop online. The beginning of April is an excellent period to start seedlings indoors, whether it’s flowers and/or fruits and vegetables.  Depending on your climate, make your selection so you can have fresh vegetables this summer with this activity, moreover if the isolation continues.

Indoor garden in isolation
Indoor garden to prepare in isolation

Plan your goals

Even though everybody knows the importance of planning and setting your yearly goals; not all of us take the time to plan the goals and the actions to take to achieve these goals. This reclude time is likely the time of your life to set your goals for your personal or professional growth. If not, you can always plan your next trip or road trip! The latest is always a good activity to make us dream!

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Develop your skills while you are in confinement

Cook and bake

Admittedly, we all know that we will likely gain weight during the confinement.  Why not gain weight on new recipes? Open those dusty cooking books you bought when you started to cook last year (or ten years ago…) and try something new! FYI this activity pairs nicely with a glass of wine.

Cooking in confinement
This confinement will surely give me a few pounds…

Work on a hobby

Similarly to goal planning, we all have that hobby or that personal interest that we neglect because of time, tiredness, family, or because life happens.  For instance, I used to crochet (no, I am not 100 years old) but rarely take the time to do so.  Also, I have a fountain pen collection, I am interested in calligraphy; but never stop to experiment, what a blessing do I have right now! Occasion to do both while stuck at home!

Learn a new language

If you are a travel passionate, now is your chance to plan for your next trip! This isolation will not last forever and planning an upcoming trip might be an activity to keep your sanity! Are you interested in a cruise to the Greek Islands? Maybe a road trip in Toscana? Why not add a new language learning activity to your trip planning? With free and paid resources available to teach you like duolingo and rosetta stone, you’ll master this in no time!

Develop a new skill

Finally, last but not least, this confinement might remain for quite a while, why not take the opportunity to learn a new skill? Or work on a skill you would like to improve? Not only are there a ton of free resources on Youtube and on the Web in general, but you can also use other resources; like Skillshare and Alison to get a more structured learning plan. Personally, for instance, I have worked on my photo editing skills lately, and I am quite pleased with the time invested in this skill!  Thanks, Affinity Youtubers, for your help!

Take home message

Whether you declutter your entire home or you learn ancient Greek while being stuck at home, take a moment to do whatever activity you complain, you never have time to do during this time when you are in self-isolation.  And if all fails, in this case, play Animal Crossing til the end of this pandemic!

Have a drink, stay for a while!

Acitivities to do while in confinement
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