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Find out about Audrey!

Hello, sunshine! I guess you stop by because you too are interested to travel as a couple?  You might not see my husband whom we will call A., that much on this blog, he is more of a behind the scenes type of guy. (Although he holds the phone on the picture below) We plan carefully each and every minute of our trips with activities, sights and most importantly: restaurants and drinks!

Travelling as a coupe

Travelling as a couple is a part of who we are


Who is Audrey?

My name is Audrey, the girl next door! With A., we have been travelling for the past 6 years through Canada and the United States, Europe has been explored at last during December 2020. As an ambitious couple, both of us still have a full-time job.

How do we travel?

Travelling as a couple is part of who we are, and part of our marriage in fact.  What I would like you to know about this blog, is that travels could be yours too! In fact, people around us are always clueless about how we can afford to travel so much with our regular 9-5 job? First of all, we don’t have children, which free up a good portion of our salary… Nevertheless, we don’t have money we can spend foolishly, so we need to be smart!



My past as a Disney Princess

In a past life, I am pretty sure I was a Disney Princess.  However, I don’t know what happened, in this life, I don’t have an unlimited budget anymore and therefore, I need to plan each and every trip with this in mind… That being said, I wouldn’t say that this blog is for budget travel.

Have I mentioned the fact that I was a princess? Meaning that comfort and good food are essentials to a successful trip. You can see in the few pictures featuring me, that I surely enjoy good food. Therefore, we are miles away from backpack trips and camping.

Travelling as a couple


Luxury vs Budget?

Before starting this blog I thought: There are so many travel blogs on the web, is there any room for another one? ​Then, I noticed there are plenty of resources for solo female travellers, luxury travels, family travels, budget travels… But very few for childless Millenials couples seeking for getaways or travels as a couple.  Every time we would plan our trips, we would scout the entire internet to find affordable hotels, nice yet accessible restaurants and so on… All those perfect polish blogs showcasing out of this world hotels and locations are beautiful, don’t get me wrong, I just LOOOOOOVE spying on people like you could travel or Carmen’s luxury travel, unfortunately, it’s not for our budget.

Travels for real people

Then, with this reflection, I had it! My expertise in travel was to plan and organize trips for real people. People with only a limited amount of time to dedicate to travel and vacations and also a limited budget they could afford to spend in order for the trip to be magical and memorable. There was born The Cheeky Knot Lady! With this blog, I want to inspire you to travel as a couple as much as possible! Plan getaways and long weekends, enjoy a variety of experiences and above all, enjoy the life you had been given, it’s the only one you have.

Interested in working with me?

Take your time to discover the blog, have a drink, stay for a while!

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